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The Easiest Thing To Remember

Karen LeCocq's autobiographical story chronicles a life wracked with the emotional extremes of manic depression and artistic temperament. From the first delusional manic euphoria of walking naked down a city street being the "New Messiah" of the Aquarian Age, to the grim despondency of suicidal ideation at the top of the Empire State Building, LeCocq’s story compels interest.

Covering the outrageous beginnings in feminism in art to the tawdry world of topless dancing, LeCocq’s clearness, descriptiveness and lucidity of writing is engaging and engrossing. Her story is told without narcissism, exaggeration or self-pity and with a bit of humor as well. LeCocq captures with unique insight what it is like to have raging uncontrollable emotions in a society that, as a whole, does not understand mental illness or the people who try to live their lives in its shadow.

Manic depression, feminism, art, sex, jazz, gays, lesbians, suicidal ideation, euphoria, New York City, yoga, religion and topless dancing… this autobiography has it all.

Neko In New York

Neko thinks he has found an excellent place for a nap.
What he doesn’t know is that he is about to have an adventure. He wakes up in one of the largest and most magnificent cities on earth. There’s lots to see and do. But will he ever find his way back home?

Artist Karen LeCocq wanted to give children a safe and happy view of the city she loves. She also wished make a small, but sweet tribute to New York's unsinkable spirit.

The Towers are gone from the skyline, but if you look really hard you can see their reflections…

Are You In The Meow?

What does a cat and a Zen Master have in common?
It is the ability to live in the present time. Told from a cat’s point of view, Are You In The Meow? explains to humans how to live more fully “in the meow” (now).

Using the format of a Zen scroll,artist Karen LeCocq beautifully illustrates the nature of Zen thought in a combination of photographs, calligraphy and drawings. For cat lovers of all ages.

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